SUPERVIBE appreciates the art of living with engaging the flow state.
By providing skill & fidget toys and games, SUPERVIBE works to make the sacred flow state more familiar and accessible.

What is the Flow State?

This optimal state of living is often described as “the zone” in which top-performing individuals provide exceeding performance. Anyone has likely experienced this ultimate “zone”, when all distractions seem to melt away and all that remains is total engagement with the activity. It usually happens when skill matches up with the challenge, or when opportunity aligns with capacity, that we can become fully engaged with our activity.

Mihaly Csikszentmihali’s Flow Theory Illustrated by WiserEveryDay YouTube Channel

Why Engage in the Flow State?

As we practice using Skill Toys, we’re increasing our capacity to act.
With a higher capacity, we are better equipped to respond to the increasing opportunity to act.

The Flow State is a universal mode of engagement that uses one’s full capacity to accomplish a meaningful challenge.

Anyone of any expertise can practice Engaging the Flow State.
This mode is not limited to athletes or creatives by any means.

Actually, many businesses are looking for individuals who are adept with Engaging the Flow State for their remarkable performance and ability.
People who Engage in the Flow State accomplish more, higher quality work in less time!

The Flow State is a key aspect for evolution.

SUPERVIBE is new and developing.
Become involved with the creative growth of the new age today!

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