Here are a set of principles for an artist to live by. They provide a foundation for progressive living and are continuously evolving over time. They act as mere suggestions to help inspire and grow opportunities. Take them as you please; thank you for your interest!

  • Art is free expression.
    This comes in any form, as does life itself. As the limits of reality expand, so do our opportunities as creatives. Art is anything that someone took time to engage with.
  • Creativity is infinite.
    The living moment is the edge of reality. Creatives are blessed with the responsibility of defining the edges of reality with their work.
  • Truth is the most beautiful work.
    Honest expression is the root of our sincerest beauty. Vulnerability offers a chance for deep healing, and we’re here to honor each other in our true nature.
  • Excellence is an elemental aspect.
    The best is always happening. We must always do our best, never make assumptions or take anything personally, and be impeccable with our words.

Thank you for living as you are 🙏
No matter where we come from, we always share the opportunity to grow together!