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Energy Healing & Support

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes natural healing.
If our energy is low, we are more prone to dis-ease and stress. By moving energy through the palms of a Reiki healer, attuned practitioners can help our life force energy flow more, keeping us healthy and happy!
Reiki is a safe, simple, natural method of spiritual healing that everyone can benefit with. Working together with other treatments, Reiki promotes recovery and wellness.

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Meet Melanie

Attuned Reiki Healer

Passionate and focused, Melanie offers balance to our daily lives.

~ Reiki Healing ~
Supported with Sound Healing & Crystals

We take great care with healing, providing additional support with sound healing and crystal energy, transcending physical dis-ease with full spiritual and emotional healing.

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“This experience with Melanie was a profound healing! I felt in complete harmony. Her intuitive abilities to locate points that needed energy healing were amazing. I would recommend her healing to anyone who wants to feel true peace. It was sincerely beautiful.”

– Micheal

“The way my session went was amazing and something I’ve never felt before. It’s an out of body feeling that I got visions but can’t say what it was. I felt my body was healing and taking things out naturally through sounds, feelings, and touches. I felt like I was above everything. It was an amazing experience I hope to feel again.”

– Dimitri

“My experience was excellent. I feel calm and more relaxed. What I saw during this session with Melanie was the color white. I felt safe and better of myself.”

– Nicole C.