Life is a collective dream ☀️

Life is a collective dream ☀️

April 8, 2020
2 min read

I think everyone just wants to feel understood; for their soul to be sanctioned in the safety of acceptance. But why? Don’t they see how infinite the world is? What is an ant to matter in a pool of magma? Does that answer even matter? Wouldn’t it solve that endless mystery to our miscellaneous existence? These are questions that may define one’s reality, and to obey such knowledge shall lead one down the narrow path. So, let me ask you this: in the endless war of water against rock, who wins? I think canyons would know..

In my opinion,

Everything in existence (infinity) is energy.
Life is energy created for a purpose – energy is alive.

Individual beings are single examples of existence, therefore, anything is of infinity.
Perception defines life that performs experience.

Humans are similar to computers.
Hardware is the body,
Software is the mind,
What does a machine do without a user? (the spirit)

The spirit operates awareness.

Self is either aware or unaware.

The aware self directs thoughts, actions, and expressions with the spirit.
Thoughts and actions are expressions of the inner self.

The unaware self behaves according to the patterns coded into their memory that is the brain and ego, and distorts reality to make the self feel like they were in control the whole time; excusing delusions.

The brain is like a library of memories. Understanding is solidified connections of neural processes. You understand what I am writing based on your knowledge of the English language; what each word means in a given context. I direct the flow of my sentences with my creative aspect, derived from the energy that is of my soul.

The soul is the source of the energy that is any thought, action, expression, or emotion. As each soul is defined from infinity, every being is connected. Everything one experiences is part of a unique expression of energy that is the soul. We are all of one energy branching into different flows of life, creating our unified existence.

Life is a collective dream.

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