Plenum Art Gallery

$30 Gallery Slot

Art is displayed on 5ft by 3ft wire grid sections (with 5 sections per display, totaling 10 slots)
The 3ft tall wire grid is mounted 2ft up from the floor, giving plenty of ways to display art within eye level!
A colored rope will provide space between the artwork and the crowd, deterring patrons from interacting directly with art displays.

Provide art that is ready to sell!
Prints are preferred.

Artist sets the prices and fulfills the transactions.
A gallery manager will be present to help the functions of the gallery. Patrons may seek the manager first to inquire about artwork. The artist should maintain clear communication with the gallery manager.
Upon necessity, SUPERVIBE may take the responsibility of fulfilling transactions, after the price has been set.

Payments can be made to $thatSupervibe on Cash App, @thatSupervibe on Venmo, or below on PayPal or Stripe.