The night was thick.

The night was thick.

September 22, 2020
3 min read

Stuffed with some fog and light rain, we walked to the shop from the studio. A couple blocks went by rather easily, thankfully, or we would have really gotten wet. Mel held the door to the shop for me, and the cool, dry air, rich with sage and various exotic scents fills my diaphragm; super refreshing amidst this thick night. The curious shop cat, Lucas, strays in to check us out. Jasmine, sitting at the roost of the shop, greets us humbly. The dim lighting over the cool tones of the strong vibes made me really feel like the scene is in a video game.

The wares are very nice, I can tell the shop does rather well, especially with all the chaos happening around the world. Everything catches my eyes, looking so mint and premium.

John wanders in from the back, “So, who wants to do some alchemy?”
Our eyes light up with eagerness as we follow John to his lab. Right away, we have the most alluring scents thrown under our noses. Our minds, peaking with interest, are putty in John’s hands.

He begins finding what scents make us tick, going from one extreme to another, until we start honing in our identities. With my camera patiently waiting to take photos, I let Ralph go first. After his scent was dialed in, we used the leftovers to find mine. I like some good spice, not some cayenne or turmeric but some nice cinnamon and cloves. One scent after another, I’m taken around the world and back on a mystical adventure into my nose. I’ve had candy for the eyes and taste, but not the nose before. This, was something new, though the practice of the art is ancient!

Eventually, we make something truly unique, a scent that gets me going every time. John bottles it up kindly for me and we take our time, soaking in the pure magic of the shop. The night grows old and our eyes lay weary, so we head back to the studio.

I’ve been here in my dreams, and I finally meet in person.
Everything is so familiar; though, it’s my first time in this city.

When will I see you here?

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