They say, “life meets you halfway.” So, where is that point?

They say, “life meets you halfway.” So, where is that point?

November 15, 2021
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“Life is a collective dream.”

The first post on this website is an article I wrote many years ago, long before I really understood how the idea truly worked.
When I dream at night, and I become lucid, I have the ability to shape my entire experience. It usually works out that I am a sovereign being in a vast world to explore, made partially of places I remember with places I’ve yet to see, and beings to have conscious exchanges with, but not usually in English. The feeling of control could be much more abundant in my personal dreams than this collective one, though sometimes vice versa. When I wake and I see the world around me, it has me wondering the depth to which any of us have any of the same control as we might in our dreams. As I write this article, I feel as though my energy is being defined with significantly more precision than when I’m asleep.
It is hard for me to come back to the same dream twice in a row. Though, I often dream in the same “dreamscape”, a world with different regions that I frequent in my sleep. I even drew a map of it, and it has expanded over time. This perspective has been inspiring me to study our collective dream with intent.

Anyway, what’s up with this world that we’re in now? This world that we share, where I may write this article and you may read it somewhere. How does that get to happen? What does it mean to meet halfway?

I have a theory to what our fate and free will are, which I have yet to publish here at the time of writing this article. So, our fate is the entirety of every possible experience one could have, throughout any possible timeline we could live. Our free will is with our ability to choose which of those possible timelines we experience. Life is a collective dream, and you could be living an entirely different parallel reality than the one I happen to have this intersection with. This is the reality that I wrote this article and you read this article. Everything could change from this point, where the quantum version of you that I experience could be different than the quantum version of you that you choose to live. This was just an intersection between our realities. We met halfway between our total energies.

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