May 24, 2021
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Transparency is essential in today’s market. People can’t possibly seem to trust you without a bit of vulnerability. Who is this guy and what are they doing here?
We’ve all been traumatized by the illusions we’re fed, it’s hard to ignore their presence.
So, why would they lie to us? What is to hide, anyway?

My faith remains strong. I don’t think anything went wrong. Injustice is the mold in the shadow; breathing it makes one sick.

If you’re reading this now, and you can think freely, then you are blessed with a righteous duty.

We may choose the path we walk, to the extent of our fate.

I think, we each have psychic power.
Psy mind works with Chi flow to make power. Brain Heart Coherence.

Our spiritual nature resides with chi, energy, and our physical nature resides with density, the shadow.

Light casts a shadow, and if we are beings of light, then we may design the shadow we cast.

3D light casts a 2D shadow, so a 4D light casts a 3D shadow (matter).
We are ascending to our pure 5 Dimensional nature as living beings.

So, let’s enjoy these incarnations, if we can.

Crystals and minerals are formed through intense trials. Fire, Water, and Air against the Earth.
If the trial is successful, a crystal is formed. But, who is the winner? Is there ever a loser?

Energies are constantly transmuted into new forms.
What are you morphing in to?

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