June 21, 2021
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Moe had pronounced himself before he knew who he was. Struggling for a sense of self-identity, he would fluctuate between different avenues, desperate for a purpose. Many long, sleepless nights, back at it again, looking for a cause for this bio-mechanical solution. Moe was taken on a journey around a particular community based in New Jersey and along the east coast. This community instilled hope into the young blood, brought about by the Outliiiers. They were present for .mo’s pronunciation, and, like .mo himself, didn’t really know what was to come next, but was prompt to find out.

It began with a love with music. Moe was passionate to get out there and perform, but can also get distracted easily. Moe’s life resonates with sound: all he knows is vibration. He thinks with music in his mind and figured out how to play it with his life. He knows that his life is an instrument, playing in the symphony that is reality. It feels so natural to him, he doesn’t know a world without it.

Two opportunities happened on the same day. First, was performing original music live at S.O.U.R.C.E. 2. The coordinators scheduled a meditation downstairs at the same time as the performance. Moe was playing improvised house music, and it didn’t seem like the moods had matched. It was snowing outside, and the few people that did stay around seemed to enjoy it, though, was noticeably disregarded as background music to most. Great preparation felt like it fell upon deaf ears.

Second, was hosting the sound at John Mana’s open mic. After effortlessly playing the artists’ tracks, hearing roaring applause after each humble tune, .mo played an impromptu original set, as a DJ this time. Queuing up song after song, running in to the small crowd to dance each time, was an absolute blast. Great preparation felt like it was being enjoyed to the fullest.

Moe was asked to volunteer and provide the sound for S.O.U.R.C.E. 3. Eager for more attention and desperate for opportunity, he gratefully set up his brother’s multi-thousand dollar sound system, arranged the sound with live audio engineering while DJing the backing tracks, through the rain, for the love of a community he was meeting for the first time. Moe asked Pleiiiades to pay him “what he feels like it’s worth”, and after feeling the burn of receiving nothing but love talk, he jumped right back in for S.O.U.R.C.E. 4 and 5 for $100 each. After being blinded by the light of love, surrendering himself and his family to people he doesn’t know, he was on the verge of total collapse after painfully completing S.O.U.R.C.E. 5 by himself. He was reassured by his fellow comrades that it would work out, and faithfully moved on.

Moe forgot about performing, he settled in to the identity of a DJ. Sometimes, he gets to play his music around people who want to listen, and is plenty reason to keep moving. Mostly, he bites his tongue and settles with playing other people’s music, while also paying great sums of money to do that. Sometimes, he gets a little help, but, after a few years, has yet to ever actually get paid to do this work.

Biding the time, watching the years go by, Moe grows tired of wasting his life. At some point, he will either figure out how to make a sustainable living, or perish.

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